Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have been completely neglecting my poor little blog. I need to get into the habit of updating it every day - starting from now!
What a weekend! It feels nice to finally catch some time to relax and just read up on blogs and surf the net.

Last night was two birthday parties packed into one night! I was excited to go out and catch up with everyone especially since I spent three and a half hours
(!) in the hairdressers today getting my hair dyed. It had been way too long. I miss the days of working fulltime when I could afford things like this! Uni life is definitely different.

I'm now rocking a long fringe again! And you can't tell with the pic above but all the underneath is blonde. I'm in love with it.

The first party went well, but we had almost an hours wait outside for a taxi in the freezing cold! I'm craving summer so badly already -the other day I was going through pictures from summer when we were walking around in shorts. How depressing - the heater is my best friend these days!

So while we were waiting, we brushed our you do. Haha. My friend Liz had randomly bought these portable mini tooth brushes. Pretty cool idea! But we did get some weird looks from passing cars.

The second party was awesome - Harijuku themed, so everyone was decked out in crazy colours and costumes.

Today was time for me to embrace the nerd! I had so much study to do and actually ended up getting a big assignment finished so definitely deserving a chill out at the moment!

I think it's time for a chai latte and some terrible tv shows :)
Chai guilty pleasure!


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