Friday, May 14, 2010

hello hello!

Well here goes my first entry into the world of food blogging! After avidly reading heaps of food blogs over the last year or so, i figure it's time to create my own and hopefully cook up some awesome meals and track my fitness and lifestyle in the process!

a quick intro to me...

My name is Bec - I'm 21 and currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm studying Nutrition and Food Science in the hope of doing my Masters and becoming a dietitian. I have a love of healthy cooking, reading about nutrition and exercise (when I can get my lazy ass up and moving!).

I love photography, performing arts and wild nights on the town (kind of detrimental to my healthy goals...oops :P).

I love meeting new people and sharing ideas, so feel free to drop me a line.

My blog is called "Healthy Glow" because after years of negativity and depression about the way I look, I have decided recently that I have had enough and wish to concentrate more on living the healthiest life possible. Not achieving the skinniest and most attractive body I can, but trying to make sure I look after myself and do what's best for me. :)

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