Monday, August 16, 2010

amour. oui! oui!

Well I've been a massive lazy bum lately - haven't updated at all!

I had a massive weekend, so thing kind of flew by. Friday night was a Scavenger Hunt which a bunch of us had planned for a few weeks. We had a list of crazy tasks and about 30 people
competing to win. Things got embarrassing and I'm sure we scared off a lot of strangers with our
bad pick up lines and weird comments....but at least we could blame the list for our excessive shots and jagerbombs. Moderation, moderation. :)

Sunday I took the dive and went and got my first tattoo. I barely slept Saturday night because I kept changing my mind about what I wanted. I mean this was permanent. I kept thinking, holy going to have this thing when im giving birth, when im at my kid's wedding, when im sixty and playing bingo....yeah, way to freak myself out.
So Sunday morning came and I was a mess. My mate's Nick, Sarah and her bf John came to laugh at my pain....i mean...offer their support.

Surprisingly it didn't hurt too much! When the guy started, I actually laughed because I had envisioned it to be a lot worse. Parts were more painful than others, but I was just happy there was no bawling my eyes out or screaming like I had seen in 'My first tattoo' videos on YouTube. Yeah...if you want a tattoo, don't watch that shit.

So here it is :

Still a bit red and sore!!

amour = french for love or love affair. Ooh la la!

I love it. It has multiple meanings for me - reminds me of my trip to Europe and specifically Paris last year, my love of french (even though I failed majorly at learning it - one day, I swear!!) and also to remind me to love myself and my life. :)

Now for my next challenge....maybe ski-diving or something else completely crazy!